HD Optical & Laser & Thermal Imaging All-in-one Camera

HD Optical & Laser & Thermal Imaging All-in-one Camera

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HD Auto-Tracking Rangefinder Camera


The HD Photoelectric Automatic Tracking Rangefinder system relies on aerospace flight distance missile servo stabilization technology, servo control technology, image processing technology, communications control technology, optical systems integration technology and other core technology, high precision and high reliability digital proprietary gyro stabilized platform, can effectively isolate the carrier disturbance, clear images and stable; using automatic tracking DSP + FPGA-based digital image technology to meet the stable target tracking of complex environment;

Product design and production process strictly according to demonstration program evaluation, detailed design review, design verification, design validation by aerospace product design and management control procedures, and strictly controlled product quality.


1.  Visible light, thermal sensing dual-channel imaging technology, integrated structure, 24 hours monitoring;

2. Thermal imaging using international advanced uncooled polysilicon, micro heat detectors 384x288 or 640X480 line;

3. Thermal imaging fixed focal length lens, visual field switch, continuous zoom selectable, motorized focus to obtain a clearer picture of night vision; according to the focal length of the lens can detect the target with distance 1 to 40km;

4. Thermal imaging integrated temperature detection module, real-time analysis of target area temperature changes, automatic warning of fire detected;

5. High-definition video camera through the fog, mechanical filter switch, 240 gray levels, automatic black level, contour correction;

6Magnification zoom lens to telephoto needs, with auto-focus, preset function

7Inclement weather adaptability, with far-infrared function, even if all black, rain, snow, fog, smoke and dust environment can be effectively imaged;

8. Preset reach 80 or more, support apple peeling scanning;

9. Resistance to harsh environments with advanced reinforcement, proof from dust, rain, salt spray, vibration and shock, IP66 level;

10. GIS systems can be combined to have targeting positioning capabilities, positioning accuracy 0.01 degree (optional);

11. 3D positioning, real-time image transmission to the monitoring center (optional);

12. Automatic Target Tracking;

13. HD lens autofocus function;

14. Maximum temperature display, mouse temperature tracking, multi-ring temperature contrast temperature alarm, multi-mode temperature alarm;

15. Real-time display of laser ranging target distance, can be linked with fire control radar system (optional);

16. Laser light can see up to 5km target with HD image at night.


Warship Air defense, border and coastal defense, forest fire prevention, tourist attractions, reservoirs, landslides,, substations, power plants, petrochemical field, fireworks identify the alarm, traffic intelligence analysis, runways, airport precision equipment, smart city, etc.